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Posted on: July 31, 2008 5:49 pm

Trade Deadline Letdown

Well, the trade dealine has come and gone. No Manny Ramirez. No Jason Bay. Adam Dunn? Nope. How about Griffey? Uh Uh. Anything at all to help in the outfield? Nope. How about the bullpen? Anything happen there? Nothing yet again. I think its safe to say that this trade deadline has been an all out bust for Omar Minaya and our Mets. While Omar held true to his word of not letting any of our top prospects go, we are left wondering what, if anything, we will be able to add during the waiver period in August.

I am not satisfied at all with the way this deadline went down. Omar had to do something in my opinion to better us for the run and post season. he chose to do nothing, putting his faith (and ours) in the future of Fernando Martinez, Jonathon Niese and others. I guess that we had better keep our fingers crossed that Ryan Church can come back soon (and perform to the level that he was before he had the concussion) and that the battery of Fernando Tatis/Endy Chavez/Nick Evans can continue to perform. I am a bit disappointed that we did nothing but this team has shown that we can win just the way we are. Keep the faith fellow Mets fans.

Posted on: July 25, 2008 1:22 pm
Edited on: July 25, 2008 1:45 pm

My Mets Bat Wish List

As the trade deadline approaches I figured I would throw up a few faces and numbers that I would prefer Omar Minaya take a shot at adding that could really help us out for the dogdays ahead. Would love to see a little feedback on what you guys think. Anyone not here that should be? Anyone here that shouldn't be? I have to say also that there are other guys that could be beneficial to us for sure (like Raul Ibanez). They have been left off my list because of either age (Ibanez is going on 37), their cost is ridiculous compared to others (Xavier Nady) or they just aren't good enough (I am not a fan of Casey Blake at all and the guy would not be an improvement over what we have). 



First up is Adam Dunn, Cincinnati Reds LF. With Adam we would be getting an all or nothing man at the plate. He currently is only batting only .237 on the year but has 29 HR's, 68 RBI's with a sweet .390 OBP. Problem is that along with the low batting average we would be gaining a man that could just as easily strikout 175+ times. That said, I think he would make a great addition. His K's aside, it would provide us with a man that can tear the cover off the ball and a steady outfielder to stand next to Carlos Beltran in the outfield. One other fact that I think other people are overlooking is that there isn't anything all that appealing on the free agent market other than Dunn for LF. When you take into account the mans power numbers, on base percentage (he knows how to take a walk) and the fact that he is only 29 and that we could get a fastrack on signing him, I would say that he is definately a guy we should be targeting.

Adam Dunn, LF- Future Met?



Next up is Jason Bay. Before I dig into him let me start by saying that I am leaving Xavier nady off my list for one reason. With as much as is rumored that Pittsburgh wants for Nady I would say just add the extra player and get Bay. That said, Bay is a guy that would soldify the LF for this and next season (he is signed through 2009). he has no true holes in his game. Great all around player that is right now batting .288 on the season (lefties are killing him this season to a .203 clip) with 22 HR's, 61 RBI's and an OBP around .380 (another man that knows how to take a walk). There isn't much negative at all to say about him other than he will come at a very high cost if he is attainable at all. Too bad he couldn't have developed faster when he was already in our system.

 Jayson Bay- Future Met?



Now for the man that we would absolutely go bonkers over if we got him but it ain't gonna happen. Matt Holliday. The man is a baseball fans wet dream. Signed through 2010, this stud can do it all. Currently batting .343 on the year with 17HR's, 60 RBI and a whopping .429 OBP, this is the guy that would put us over the top for sure. Granted he does play in Colorado but his road numbers are still consistant enough that a dropoff shouldn't be a concern (he is still a .301 batter on the road). An outfield with him and Beltran in it is a prospect that I am sure every Met fan would go giddy over but I don't think that Colorado is gonna be stupid enough to let him go and if they did, I am not sure we have the pieces to get him.

 Matt Holliday- Future Met?



All this said, I would say the easiest of these 3 to attain would be Adam Dunn. Cincinnati is out of it and they will be looking to get something for him before he walks. I know he has his detractors but IMO he is the one guy that we can actually get without costing us a fortune, that will help the most out of what's available.

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