Posted on: July 29, 2008 5:59 am
Edited on: July 29, 2008 10:31 am

Thoughts On Manny

While some in Boston are apparently tired of "Manny being Manny", let me start this by telling you that he can be Manny all he wants if he was to don a Mets uniform. Let's face it though, as much as he can be a royal pain in the rearend, the man flatout produces. He ain't going nowhere.

We are talking about a player that is currently batting .302 with 19HR's and 65RBI's. Definate 1st ballot hall of famer with a career .312 batting average and over 500HR's. He isn't exactly a spring chicken (36 years old right now) but age hasn't done a thing to him. His right handed bat in our lineup and patrolling left field is exactly what our team needs. The salary means nothing (playoffs would more than cover the rest of his tab this season). Problem is, we have absolutely nothing to offer Boston that could replace his bat. Nothing at all makes any sense. You can pose all these scenerios where we gutt our farm system even further by sending Boston Fernando Martinez, Jonathen Niese, Mike Carp, whatever, but I still feel that Boston would say "No thanks". Fact is, they need his bat. We could put together a package with every great prospect we have but it doesn't help them get into the playoffs or in the post season.

As far as his "Manny being Manny", I could care less if the man pisses anywhere he wants at Shea, knocks down anyone in the front office, or jaywalks all over New York City. If he was with us producing the way that he does it wouldn't matter to me. Just like the fans up in Boston may appear to be putting up a stink right now, at the end of the day his numbers keep them happy and noone cares when your carrying the title trophy what the guy did in mid-summer. All I know is that I want a title and would love to have a bat like his in our lineup (1986 was too long ago). I just don't see a way that we make it happen. So while the folks at ESPN are enjoying having another mid-summer wet dream over the prospect of Manny being moved, odds are that he aint going nowhere. 

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