Tag:Duaner Sanchez
Posted on: July 23, 2008 2:33 pm

Just my luck

I go ahead and sing the praises of our bullpen in my last musing and what do my Mets do? Completely embarress me. Last nights complete collapse wouldn't have stung nearly as bad had it not been against the Phillies. Today's game becomes a must win not only for our position in the standings but for our team psyche as well. After  last seasons collapse, we cannot afford to let the Phillies get into our heads again. Having Billy Wagner sit for the night made perfect sense but John Santana should have come back out for the 9th inning. What are we paying him so much money for if he can't get a complete game under his belt?

Last night, Duaner Sanchez showed immediately why we need to make a push to get Brian Fuentes from the Colorado Rockies. This is only going to be harder now that the Nationals have traded Jon Rauch to the Diamondbacks and the crop of good relief pitching available is dwindling to nothing. I was kind of suprised that Omar couldn't put together something that was better than what the D'backs gave up (their #6 overall rated prospect) but apparently this trade deadline is starting to look more and more like one that is going to disappoint us.

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