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Posted on: July 31, 2008 5:49 pm

Trade Deadline Letdown

Well, the trade dealine has come and gone. No Manny Ramirez. No Jason Bay. Adam Dunn? Nope. How about Griffey? Uh Uh. Anything at all to help in the outfield? Nope. How about the bullpen? Anything happen there? Nothing yet again. I think its safe to say that this trade deadline has been an all out bust for Omar Minaya and our Mets. While Omar held true to his word of not letting any of our top prospects go, we are left wondering what, if anything, we will be able to add during the waiver period in August.

I am not satisfied at all with the way this deadline went down. Omar had to do something in my opinion to better us for the run and post season. he chose to do nothing, putting his faith (and ours) in the future of Fernando Martinez, Jonathon Niese and others. I guess that we had better keep our fingers crossed that Ryan Church can come back soon (and perform to the level that he was before he had the concussion) and that the battery of Fernando Tatis/Endy Chavez/Nick Evans can continue to perform. I am a bit disappointed that we did nothing but this team has shown that we can win just the way we are. Keep the faith fellow Mets fans.

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